We believe that wine & Champagne should be served as the wine maker intended, freshly hand poured from the bottle.

We work with wine service professionals who are passionate about delighting their customers and want to serve every glass of wine and Champagne in perfect condition, thereby boosting sales, controlling costs and eliminating waste

Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar wine preservation systems

The professionals’ choice to sell premium wine with a premium service

To meet the growing demand for premium wine served By-the-glass, our 50,000 customers use Le Verre de Vin wine & Champagne preservation systems to proudly serve over  3 billion dollars worth a year of still & sparkling wine by the glass in perfect condition. The estimated savings on waste is over $ 100 million, while guaranteeing more than 330 Million guests will have an excellent wine experience, served just as the winemaker intended.

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Le Verre de Vin Still wine only for only $99 per month ( $ 3.30 per day)
Le Verre de Vin Tower Dual for only $ 130 per month ( $4.33 per day )

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