“Necessity is the mother of invention”

Wine consumption was booming but once you opened a bottle the clock started ticking, 24 hours and it was past its best. This made the sale of wine by the glass something of a conundrum for operators around the world… until we came along.

In the early 90s wine-by-the-glass was, for the most part, a neglected area of drinks service. At the time wine preservation was relatively unheard of. Understandably operators had largely discarded any wine by the glass initiatives for fear of incurring expensive wastage. As a result, our primary challenge  was to instill the concept of wine-by-the-glass. Thankfully we succeeded and Le Verre de Vin technology rapidly became the equipment of choice for operators to overcome their wastage concerns and profit from wine-by-the-glass service.

After fantastic and rapid success in the UK, we soon set about opening up the International markets and by 1995 we had successfully established European distribution and our US sister company Bermar America. We now have an ever increasing International distribution network of 45+ companies covering over 80 countries.

Today, Le Verre de Vin technology remains the world’s number one wine preservation system and is now available in a fantastic range of applications. Over the years we have listened to operators and produced products to satisfy their needs, whether that’s cabinet solutions, modular units, stand alone products or discrete space saving solutions.

We believe our the award-winning wine preservation solutions are the best available anywhere in the world. It is our hope that you will ‘shop’ our site to select the most suitable application of Le Verre de Vin technology for your business and develop your own extended, profitable and quality guaranteed wine-by-the-glass program.

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