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NEW! Still wine eStopper – Gold or Silver (10 per box)


The long-awaited next generation of stopper is finally here. The new still wine eStoppers represent the very pinnacle of vacuum stopper technology. They’re engineered to be a ‘one for all’ solution, whereby one stopper size will fit standard half bottles and bottles, screw top bottles – and even ‘most’ magnum bottles. They’re available with 2 cap colours (gold or silver) They’re capable of being used with original, Le Verre de Vin and PrePODBAR systems.

Still Wine Stoppers (20 per box)


BC00/3 – Box of 20 – Supplied exclusively by Bermar America. These are the only still wine vacuum stoppers that are approved for use with ‘Le Verre de Vin’ systems. The come in boxes of 20.

Champagne stoppers (3 per box)


The all-in-one Champagne stopper with integral retaining clip for use in all standard sparkling wine and Champagne bottles. These stoppers enable the effective preservation of Champagne and sparkling wine for up to 21 days with our systems.

These stoppers are manufactured specifically for use with current and previous generation Bermar preservation systems. If you have a vintage or narrow neck Champagne please buy narrow neck stoppers below

Narrow Champagne stoppers (3 per box)


Suitable for narrow necked and vintage Champagne bottles i.e. Krug, Dom Pérignon etc