IN NEED OF STOPPERs for your Le Verre de Vin?

Where can I order stoppers?

We will be pleased to provide you stoppers for your Le Verre de Vin. Please email us at with what you need and we will be pleased to provide them or refer you to your local distributor.

You can also let us know what stoppers you need by filling out the contact form. We’ll then be in touch to help you out directly or put you in touch with a local distributor.

If you would like to download the Wine Stopper Order Form See Below:


Still Wine Stoppers – BC00/3 – Box of 20

Supplied exclusively by Bermar America. These are the only still wine vacuum stoppers that are approved for use with ‘Le Verre de Vin’ systems. The come in boxes of 20.

Screw Top Stoppers (Stelvin Closure) – BC00/3s- Bag of 10

Specially modified still wine vacuum stoppers for use in wider necked screw top bottles. Note the easily visible white ring which enables bar staff to identify the difference between these and standard still wine stoppers.

Champagne Stoppers (Standard) – BC00/4 – Box of 3

The all in one Champagne pressure stopper with integral retaining clip for improved precision and simplicity of use in all standard sparkling wine and Champagne bottles. They come in boxes of 3.

Champagne Stoppers (Narrow neck) – BC00/4N – Box of 3

As above but with a specifically modified tapered shaft for Champagne bottles with a narrow neck e.g. Dom Perignon and Krug.