The Compact

Price: $3,770 

Now: $3,170

Save $600 on the Compact Le Verre de Vin wine & Champagne preservation systems.

+ 1 free box of wine stoppers

A total saving of $600 + free box of any choice of wine stoppers. Prices exclude PA Sales Tax where applicable.

Le Verre de Vin Compact systems are designed to provide a discrete under bar installation. As standard these units are supplied with the all the necessary fixings for an under counter installation although surface mounting is also possible.

To reserve your system for purchase please email us by Friday December 6th.


The Tower

Price: $3770

Now: $3,270

A total saving of $500. Prices excludes PA Sales Tax if applicable.

Le Verre de Vin Tower can be configured to fit virtually any bar operation. Whether it’s a stand alone, wall mounted or fixed to existing or new refrigeration to create a bespoke wine service station. The Tower range offers the widest possible application of Le Verre de Vin wine preservation technology.

Portable Tower

Price: $4070

Now: $3,570

A total saving of $500. Prices excludes PA Sales Tax if applicable.

The Portable Tower is without doubt the world’s most flexible, commercial-grade still wine and champagne preservation system- designed with input from globally renowned wine makers. The Portable Tower is compact, easy to transport and doesn’t require any permanent installation – just place it on any surface and plug in.

Single Pod Bar

Price: $4770  | Now: $4,270

A total saving of $500. Prices excludes freight &  PA Sales Tax where applicable.

Perfect for showcasing your range of wines and Sparkling wines available by the glass – a simple and elegant configuration. The Pod Bar range consists of stunning, beautifully lit counter top refrigeration along with an integral Le Verre de Vin Tower.

Twin Pod Bar

Price: $5,995 | Now: $5,495

A total saving of $500. Prices excludes freight and PA Sales tax if applicable.

The ideal solution for showcasing and serving your reds and whites – twin temperature control means you can be assured of serving each glass in the exact condition the winemaker intended. The ideal wine dispenser for the busy restaurant who wants to attract wine enthusiast customers and keep them coming back.

Stock Up & Save on Stoppers

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Choose any 4 boxes of wine stoppers and receive 10% discount + Free Shipping!

BC00/3 – Box of 20 still wine stoppers = $49.95

BC00/3S – Box of 10 wide still wine stoppers = $39.95

BC00/4 – Box of 3 Champagne stoppers = $35.95