Le Verre de Vin Freshness Factor

The ‘Freshness factor’ – The Key to #PerfectServe, the service that Keeps Guests Coming Back!

Are all restaurateurs committed to freshness in their wine by-the-glass service?  We certainly hope so. But what are their freshness standards? Do they have the quality controls in place that will ensure an exceptional by-the-glass service that offers unbeatable freshness and as a result keep their guests coming back for more?

At Bermar, we have coined the phrase ‘Open, Show, Taste, Pour & Enjoy!’ to define the key attributes needed for a perfectly served by-the-glass product. Our customers have taken that service to new levels and it has become know as #PerfectServe. Now more than ever, the #PerfectServe is synonymous with quality control, and freshness isn’t just a key quality control attribute, it’s the key to elevating your guests’ experience specifically through maximizing the aromatics and taste and overall Enjoyment. Conspicuous freshness attracts the high-value frequent diner that every restaurant strives to attract. At the same time, this perfectly served by-the-glass program will boost sales, control costs and eliminate waste.

Le Verre de Vin Freshness Factor

According to the National Restaurant Association, 60-80% of total revenues comes from repeat customers and, according to the Wine Market Council, at least 25% of those high-frequency diners are looking to trade up to a premium wine-by-the-glass. Boosting sales from repeat business is critical to every restaurant’s success.

When it comes to most perishable foods the freshness factor is so obvious that the quality control process just happens. Stale bread or wilted salads can be spotted and thrown out before they leave the kitchen. Even the most junior and least experienced staff will notice and correct the error before a guest sees it. The same quality control is essential in wine by-the-glass services. However, when it comes to wine-by-the-glass, it has been almost impossible for a server to be able to help with the quality control process, even if they want to, except perhaps for intercepting a flat glass of sparkling wine. The service solution is now here !

“You want [wines] to be at their very best when you serve them. If they’ve been open for a day or two and they haven’t been preserved, you’re more likely to be serving something oxidized and not showing [at] it’s best. The number one most important thing about a preservation system is allowing restaurants to control the quality of product that they serve to their customers.”- Matt Berendt, Managing Partner, The Grove Wine Bar and Kitchen & Lola Savannah Coffee Lounge, Texas & Le Verre de Vin customer


Le Verre de Vin and ‘The Freshness factor’

Why is planning for Freshness in a wine-by-the-glass service so important today? Because, just like our server above, it can easily go unnoticed. It’s an element of detail that must be embedded into your preparation and delivered to your guests just like a well-rehearsed performance. It means that you must know what to look for so when it’s not there, it is immediately missed.  Like a clean tablecloth, clean napkins, or clean glasses, that freshness factor translates into good value and exceptional service. It is expected and guests are prepared to spend more for the affordable luxury experience.

The bad news is if your guests don’t see it, they will rarely complain, because if it isn’t obvious to you, then they don’t feel uncomfortable mentioning it. It is a hospitality setting after all!  Instead, your guests simply won’t come back and will search for places that do deliver a standard of freshness that meets their expectations.

“It’s not just about getting less complaints– a silent customer does not equal a happy one –  but about fostering an atmosphere where customers are comfortable opening the discussion. Worse than customer dissatisfaction is a guest who is not certain whether the fault was in the wine itself or on their own taste buds.” – Michael Shirinian, owner of the Elbow Room, Fresno & Le Verre de Vin customer

So where is the opportunity?

Every time you add a key differentiating factor to guest and employee expectations, you’ve committed for a lifetime of providing that benefit. You’ve raised the standards for everyone and can’t go back to the old less fresh ways. The good part is that you have created a USP, a unique differentiation of your offer, and you’ve made it more difficult for the competition to keep up.

To help raise standards of freshness for all opened bottles of both still & sparkling wines and create your conspicuous USP, we introduce you to the proven Le Verre de Vin wine preservation technology. If you are to make one investment in your wine by the glass program we’d strongly suggest it be the Le Verre de Vin preservation system – your bottom line, employees and guests will thank you for it. The commercial case to invest in Le Verre de Vin is extremely compelling. Le Verre de Vin installations have proven to deliver on these key profit drivers:

  • Control costs & eliminate waste
  • Guarantee quality and increase guest satisfaction
  • Boost more profitable ‘Trade-up’ sales, meeting the increased consumer demand

WATCH the Bermar #PerfectServe demo with Le Verre de Vin

Email us at info@BermarAmerica.com for the #PerfectServe checklist and see how easy it is to raise the bar and elevate your Freshness factor.


Sparkling Wine sales are Forecasted to Boom this Holiday Season

Sparkling Wine Sales Are Forecast to Boom This Holiday Season

Sparkling wines are expected to continue their growth this season and well into 2018. At Bermar America, we’re excited that customer demand has moved a trend into a sustained growth opportunity for operators of wine-by-the-glass programs.  We have seen a marked increase in demand from savvy operators who are seeking to serve an enticing range of sparkling wines. Operators from every level of restaurant service, from casual to fine dining, are seeking to elevate their sparkling and Champagne by-the-glass service. However, the key issues have always been how to keep open bottles fresh to guarantee quality and eliminate expensive waste.

The new extended range of Le Verre de Vin Champagne preservation systems provides the ideal solution. Thousands of the leading wine service professionals trust Le Verre de Vin to give them the confidence that they need to showcase a wider range of wines. At the same time, operators benefit without throwing profits down the drain and gain 21 days of preservation which guarantees quality for every guest.

Demand for sparkling wines are forecast to boom

Americans are definitely embracing sparkling wines and sales of Champagne and Prosecco show it. Notably, in 2016, 31% of new wine buyers chose Prosecco and not just during the holiday season, so demand is applicable all year-around. Additionally, new buyers are broadening their tasting experience to explore sparkling wine options from new regions.  

Growth for sparkling wines

US Champagne sales growth is now upwards of US$550 million, replicating sales volumes not seen since 2007. Local wineries making sparkling wines offer a variety of options and a local narrative that speak to the growing millennial consumer segment.  In fact, reports as early as 2015 highlight the popularity of domestic wines that continue to benefit from consumer interest. 

Sparkling wine-by-the-glass programs

Many have yet to catch up with demand. In 2015, researchers in the US observed that 24% of wine drinkers only bought wine-by-the-glass at restaurants with prices ranging from $7 to $15 per glass. However, many operators still offer a limited selection. Today, many wine drinkers are willing to trade up to premium wines. And with millennial consumers accounting for 30% of the market and 40% being occasional drinkers, industry experts believe that wine-by-the-glass requests are increasing. This means operators are only scraping the surface on what they could earn from this huge potential.  

Leading Champagne Bar Operator Opens New Location 

Flute New York chooses Le Verre de Vin wine preservation as Sparkling Wine Sales Are Forecast to Boom This Holiday Season

Hervé Rousseau is the owner of the Flûte Champagne bar in Paris (pictured) and New York. This December, Hervé recently opened the Flute Beekman location – once again in New York.

Widely considered a pioneer in Champagne Bars, Hervé is an authority on luxury wines and a longstanding Bermar customer. Over the years, Hervé has built multiple reputable businesses most notable for their impressive assortment of 100 Champagnes and sparkling wines. Hervé believes that a wide selection of by-the-glass bubbly offers guests a unique experience in which they can explore and indulge while also expanding their palettes.  Read more in ‘an Interview with Hervé Rousseau, Flûte’ HERE.

Put a sparkle into your wine-by-the-glass sales 

Le Verre de Vin Classic Le Verre de Vin wine preservation perfect choice for wine operators as Sparkling Wine Sales Are Forecast to Boom This Holiday SeasonLeft: Le Verre de Vin Pod Bar for better wine-by-the-glass preservation as used at Flûte. 

So, how can operators fill the significant gap between what the consumer desires and what the majority of on-trade operators are offering in terms of wine-by-the-glass?

They turn to the experts at Bermar.  Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar Systems are the only products in the world that can precisely preserve sparkling wines and Champagnes. Many savvy operators are quick to see the returns that are on offer. The systems allow our customers to reseal an infinite number of open wine and Champagne bottles and to serve each pour as fresh as the first, up to 21 days after first opening. This puts more cash into the tills of operators and satisfies your increasingly discerning wine drinkers. Contact the Bermar team to unlock the potential for new sparkling wine sales this year. 


Fine Wine & Champagne By-The-Glass Perfectly Preserved at Paradiso Ristorante

Angelo Romano, Chef and Owner of Paradiso Ristorante in Lake Worth Florida is renowned for his attention to quality, fresh ingredients and over 20 years of inspiring and diverse fine Italian cuisine. Angelo’s restaurant boasts an extensive menu selection that is accompanied by a fine wine-by-the-glass list of over 15 wines and Champagnes.  

Freshness and presentation are of the highest importance to Chef Angelo. That’s why his newly renovated bar and lounge features a new Le Verre de Vin Pod Bar.  

“In a high-end restaurant like ours, it is important that we show that we take care of our products. Our guests must be able to visually see that at our bar display. Once their interest has been peaked they become more interested in trying new wines that they wouldn’t ordinarily select,” He said. 

The freshness factor is also critical to ensuring that the guests’ first impression is a positive and lasting one. The freshness, temperature, and presentation become part of that memorable experience.  

Chef Angelo continues,”We’ve had a Le Verre de Vin Pod Bar for [a few] months and the feedback has been positive. Now we are testing new labels. This allows our guests to sample different wines without buying the entire bottle, and we do this without taking a loss on the remaining bottle of wine. Once we open a new bottle, re-seal it, and then place it in the Pod Bar, we’re confident that it will remain perfectly preserved for weeks after. It’s a first-class system.” 

“Unlike other wine preservation systems, Le Verre de Vin gives us the opportunity to really showcase and offer trade-up selections. I look forward to expanding our pairings particularly our Champagnes and red wines with our oyster and caviar menus.” 

Fred Bollaci of CEO and President of Fred Bollaci Enterprises, reviewed the Italian culinary ‘Paradise’ saying: “I did enjoy looking, and was very impressed with the depth and breadth of Angelo’s collection, and it was obvious on the first sip that his entire wine program was “top-notch,” judging by the elegant glass, perfect temperature, and excellent selection for a decent price we were offered from a list that contained many superb vintages and corresponding prices…” CLICK HERE to read the full article. 

We always love hearing from our customers. You can share your story and snaps @wineperfect on Twitter or @BermarAmerica on Instagram. 

Le Verre de Vin sets the Wow factor at DC Steak House

Le Verre de Vin sets the Wow factor at DC Steak House

When a reputable restaurateur and steak house aficionado is wowed by a wine preservation system, that says a lot about the technology on display. So, when Dean Laplant of DC Steak House, Arizona, purchased Le Verre de Vin Twin Pod Bar, he made it the focal point of his intimate wine bar and seized the opportunity to delight his guests with an elevated wine by the glass service.

Jeff Lowder, Manager at DC Steak House, shares his excitement about the “infinite possibilities” their new wine preservation system will make and his plans for a new wine by-the-glass program. “Guests come to us for quality wines at reasonable prices,” says Jeff Lowder. “They enjoy popular brand names and we’re proud of our seasonal wine by-the-glass lists because of the variety and different price points that we have on offer.”

With a wine selection that is finely tuned to complement their quality-inspired menu, DC Steak House has plans to use their new wine preservation system to expand by-the-glass options. “We currently serve 55 wines and 17 of those are by-the-glass. Our reds are the most popular and a premium by-the-glass sells for $26 such as the Robert Mondavi ‘Oakville’, Napa 2013”. With a reliable wine preservation system, the team is keen to build on their reputation for quality with unbeatable freshness.

“Before the addition of the Le Verre de Vin, we couldn’t consider expanding our by-the-glass options.  Even with other preservation systems, we were limited by space and the ability to try premium bottles which could be costly. Today, we can eliminate the fear of trying new wines, expanding our sparkling range without worrying about spoilage waste and offer a wider range of trade-up options. With Le Verre de Vin we literally have carte blanche. We can offer anything. This is a real growth opportunity for us. Our customers are about to see a lot more choice and continued quality in our upcoming new wine list.”

Not just thrilled about new product options, Jeff also sets his sights on advancing his existing vendor relationships and building new sales opportunities. “We have a good reputation among our vendors and we’re keen to explore new wines and take advantage of sales. We always pass on our savings to our customers. With a reliable preservation system, we’ll create new wins for our vendors and our customers at the same time”.

Le Verre de Vin Twin Pod Bar sets the Wow factor at DC Steak HouseLeft: A Twin Pod Bar at only 39 Inches wide, displays and temperature controls (two zones) 16 wines. The multi-light display has 7 options from discretely dark to vibrant colors, making it the ideal wine serving station.

Le Verre de Vin sets the ‘Wow’ factor

The Le Verre de Vin compels guests to take a second look across the bar they are well familiar with, and observe something new; a chic brightly lit counter display containing some of their favorite choices of wine, perfectly preserved and ready to accompany their meal. It starts a conversation with the customer in which freshness, temperature control, quality, and value become synonymous with DC Steak House’s by-the-glass program, “Once our bottles are in the Pod Bar and all lit up they simply wow guests. It’s the start of a great service experience”.

Case Study: Red Rabbit Leverages Le Verre de Vin to Become a Leading Wine Destination in the Twin Cities.

Expertly extending the life of an open bottle of wine with the precision and ease that can only be achieved with a world-class commercial wine preservation system has helped this restaurant chain to elevate their brand, service, and perfect pour capability in a highly profitable way.


About Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit is a new addition to the already successful chain of Red Cow restaurants serving Minneapolis. With over 10 years of restaurant and bar experience, Red Rabbit’s Ian Lowther, Beverage Director, and Michael Giacomini, Director of Finance and Marketing for Red Cow & Red Rabbit, know that the quality and freshness of their wines are vitally important to their service and bottom-line.

“The temperature control and freshness of our opened bottles are really important to us. We have used wine dispenser preservation systems over the last five years or so. Now we’ve really got Le Verre de Vin under our belt.  We haven’t had any spoilage of wine at all in the three months that we have been open, which has been great,” explained Ian Lowther, Beverage Director

Through the success of their sister branches, Red Cow, the ‘Red’ name has become synonymous with making their guests feel special. Owner Luke Shrimp is renowned for his keen business acumen and his expectation for the very best in every aspect of his operations. So, while Red Rabbit opened just months ago, the expectation is high.


 “We have 42 wines by-the-glass and that includes 3-4 sparkling wines by-the-glass, and we go through them pretty quick, so we need a system that supports our fast-paced service!  We also know that even though we sell through our wines fast, they need to be cared for to guarantee the guest receives an absolutely fresh glass of wine every time. With Le Verre de Vin the quick reliable operation gives us the confidence in every pour” said Ian Lowther, Beverage Director.


Red Rabbit is responsive to the growing customer demand for diversity, range and price points. And with high service standards, high wine-by-the-glass volume and a growing customer base the Red team needed the right tools to support their operational demands.

Luke and his team had been using older style wine dispensers at their previous restaurants and came to the National Restaurant Show in 2016 looking for the latest wine & Champagne preservation technology to improve their service and literally remove the ‘ Bottleneck’ that bulky fixed bottle dispense systems can create in a busy restaurant. Avoiding the need to change bottles and clean lines every 4 to 5 pours in the middle of service, was one of the key goals. They also wanted to reduce waste and the cost per pour operating their dispense system, while serving Champagnes and sparkling wines by-the-glass.


The Solution… Le Verre de Vin

In an effort to ensure this new establishment could be more innovative and even elevate the ‘Red’ standard of ‘business as usual’, the company turned to Bermar and chose Le Verre de Vin for its wine preservation system.

Le Verre de Vin new brand


So why was Luke Shimp on the search for a better solution, and why did they choose Le Verre de Vin? The first step for any new addition to a chain is to quickly replicate the good operations and services achieved at its other venues but to also improve in key areas. The Red Rabbit team were looking to reinforce their legacy with a wine preservation system that would elevate the ‘Red’ quality of service; avoiding wastage, enhance value with a ‘Fresh from the bottle service’  or what has become known as #PerfectServe – Show, Taste, Pour & Enjoy.  They also wanted a system that provided the flexibility for growth to support their guests’ demand for more trade up options in the future. They also wanted to serve Champagne-by-the-glass.

Their needs could not be met by the traditional fixed bottle wine dispense systems, which compounds oxidation in its dispense tubes/ lines leading to expensive pour-off wastage or maintenance. These wine dispense systems also required extra time and attention to transition from servicing the dispense system to pouring when the bottles needed to be changed in the middle of service, thereby interrupting and delaying service. Above all, the Red Cow / Red Rabbit team needed the flexibility to keep all open bottles of still and sparkling wines fresh to guarantee every pour was in perfect condition.

So, a few months after our meetings at the National Restaurant Show the Red Cow team ordered their 6 Pod Bar Le Verre de Vin System to serve 43 wines by-the-glass and 6 sparkling wines by-the-glass.


Six months after opening, what are the highlights of their new wine service and what benefits have they experienced?

Le Verre de Vin / Pod wine & Champagne preservation systems that have proven to deliver speed, efficiency, and simplicity – the hallmark system for a great by-the-glass program.

Due to Le Verre de Vin precision control, wines are quickly preserved to the right critically controlled vacuum or pressure and oxidation and or natural carbonation is controlled resulting in absolutely no wastage in the three months since Red Rabbit opened.

The 6-unit Pod Bar’s ability to quickly and reliably serve and preserve 43 wines meant that Red Rabbit staff could easily focus on hospitality, serving / dispensing wine fresh from the bottle with ease, and with little or no interruption in their fast-paced service.

Just as important, Le Verre de Vin offers a unique level of reliability. Every pour results in the freshness and quality that their guests know and expect, even with wines that have been preserved for three weeks. This not only allows Red Rabbit to handle their high ‘pour’ volume but entices guests to trade up knowing that a wide selection is only a sip away.

So, a few months after our meetings at the National Restaurant Show the Red Cow team ordered their 6 Pod Bar Le Verre de Vin System to serve 43 wines by-the-glass and 6 sparkling wines by-the-glass.

Six months after opening, what are the highlights of their new wine service and what benefits have they experienced?

Le Verre de Vin / Pod wine & Champagne preservation systems that have proven to deliver speed, efficiency, and simplicity – the hallmark system for a great by-the-glass program.


The Benefits of Le Verre de Vin

Due to Le Verre de Vin precision control, wines are quickly preserved to the right critically controlled vacuum or pressure and oxidation and or natural carbonation is controlled resulting in absolutely no wastage in the three months since Red Rabbit opened.

The 6-unit Pod Bar’s ability to quickly and reliably serve and preserve 43 wines meant that Red Rabbit staff could easily focus on hospitality, serving / dispensing wine fresh from the bottle with ease, and with little or no interruption in their fast-paced service.

Just as important, Le Verre de Vin offers a unique level of reliability. Every pour results in the freshness and quality that their guests know and expect, even with wines that have been preserved for three weeks. This not only allows Red Rabbit to handle their high ‘pour’ volume but entices guests to trade up knowing that a wide selection is only a sip away.


Every aspect of the product is well received. The exclusivity of having a Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system at Red Rabbit – one of the only places in the upper mid-West that even carries one of these – makes our guests feel so special, our guests are always asking and commenting about what we are doing when we re-seal the opened bottles. The really appreciate the attention to detail and commitment to quality and are proving to be prepared to pay for a better wine experience” Ian Lowther, Beverage Director

The ease of use and reliability also has its fans, “Our staff very quickly appreciated the minimal training needed to operate the Le Verre de Vin. They’ve come to expect Le Verre de Vin as part of their operations,” Michael Giacomini Director of Finance and Marketing.

The ‘Red’ enterprises commitment to excellence and continuing investment in innovation has paid dividends with their wine-by-the-glass. They have become known for an exceptional selection, all hand poured ‘ fresh from the bottle’, or what has become known as #perfectserve – Show, Taste, Pour & Enjoy. This special attention to ‘Trade Craft’ with these service details is a priority for Red Rabbit to reinforce their unique brand of quality and ensure it remains high. They cater to a loyal and growing customer base who are discerning about quality and want a safe place to try new wine experiences.  It sounds like they have the secret recipe.

The installation of the Le Verre de Vin pod bars has been successfully in place at Red Rabbit since its launch in December 2016. Enjoy one of their 42 wine-by-the-glass selections, perfectly served, Mon-Sun at the North Loop neighborhood in Minneapolis.



The Basics of Food & Wine Pairing

Traditional wine producing countries naturally make and select wines that compliment either local or national dishes. In most of these wine-producing countries, wine is considered part of the meal; a natural part of the dining experience.  In the USA, the number of wine consumers is developing in leaps and bounds. Many are still relatively new to wine drinking and haven’t considered whether their favorite drink enhances their chosen meal. Often, they may not have the knowledge and confidence to make the selection themselves. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to assist the guest (and let them ‘Trade-up’) by pairing appropriate wines to items on your menu, thereby increasing spend per head as well as guest satisfaction.

Our customers, who have invested in Le Verre de Vin wine & Champagne preservation, are constantly looking to add value to their wine-by-the-glass service, with innovative service ideas. With the precision control of oxidation on all opened bottles of still wine and the precision control of CO2 pressure with Champagnes and sparkling wines, Le Verre de Vin users have the confidence to open a larger range of wines to entice their guests to try new experiences. Food and Wine Pairing is a great way to enhance the dining experience and give new wine enthusiasts the opportunity to develop their palettes.

Business Benefits:

  • Enhances the overall dining experience.
  • Enhances perceived value for the guest as the cost to try 5 different bottles at home would be considerable.
  • Creates up-sell opportunities which maximize spend per head especially during peak times.
  • Ideal for temporary or inexperienced staff that don’t have high product knowledge levels.
  • Educates staff and consumers.
  • Boosts staff confidence; highlights professionalism and wine service.
  • Encourages staff suggestions, “Would you like to consider…?”
  • Encourages consumers to try different wines on your list, enabling you to sell across your product range.
  • Increase guest return rates – gives a reason for guests to return more often as you constantly introduce new wines by-the-glass to try with their favorite dishes.

How to implement food & wine matching in your business


There are no hard and fast rules for which wines go with which food, as our palettes are all unique and our personal taste is what is important. However, there are some proven guidelines that will help create elevated taste experiences. The objective is to create a balance of flavors to enhance the guest dining experience. The following guidelines should help point you in the right direction:

A great resource is a book called The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil who talks about the ‘10 Rules of Wine Pairing’. These are guides that will help you select wines for your by-the-glass list that are likely to pair with your menu.

For the list to be also useful for food and wine pairing you must have suggested dishes next to the wine. However, this can become cumbersome. The other good way is to show a style of wine (or actual wine) next to the item on the menu.

One way we have seen used very successfully is to organize your wine list in the “Progressive Style”. In this way, you should categorize your wines from light crisp to medium bodied to fuller bodied rich and opulent. With three to six wines in each category for white and red wines, it is an easy way to create a by-the-glass list that can be used as a prompt sheet by your staff.  This makes it easy for staff to point to suggestions and for guests to choose based on their preferred style and the dish they are choosing. Below are some of the key things to think about when planning your wine-by-the-glass/wine pairing list.


Ideally, when drinking wine with a meal you want to be able to taste both the food and wine (particularly if you have chosen a fine wine). This requires some thought regarding balancing the overall strength of the flavors. Delicate, lightly flavored wines such as Pinot Grigio or Beaujolais would be totally lost if paired with beef dishes; however, they would complement a chicken liver pâté. So, as a guide, delicate wines with delicate dishes, and bold with bold.


Acidity – To mirror or to contrast is the question?
All wines contain acidity. Those with greater levels are often described as clean, refreshing, crisp, tangy, mouth-watering or sharp. Those with less are described as soft, rounded, silky, smooth or rich.

Meals containing dairy products are particularly well suited to the more acidic wines; they soften the wine whilst preventing the rich tasting dishes from feeling heavy and cloying on the palette. This is called contrasting.

However, there are examples when mirroring can create a sublime tasting experience. There are some dishes where mirroring or contrasting can work equally well, and this is a great opportunity to introduce guests to this unique experience, and let them decide which they prefer. One classic example is pairing a full-bodied rich, creamy opulent Chardonnay with Lobster in a cream sauce, but also trying it with a crisp, sharp glass of Champagne or sparkling wine.

Both experiences are likely to be highly memorable for the guest, creating that magical moment for just the price of a taste or a glass. So, of all the attributes in the guides, Acidity and style is the one that deserves the most experimentation to decide if you prefer to mirror the taste or contrast it. As a rule, wines with good acidity that leave you palate refreshed after every sip are ideal for restaurant food & wine pairing, as this leaves the diner wanting to take another bite of food, and another sip and so on, and so on.

High powered red wines are often balanced with Tannins.  Tannic wines may taste astringent on their own but matched with protein with high levels of animal fat, butter or cream (cheese or red meat) they will appear much softer and fruitier. If the meal has heavy gravy, it will best be served with a fairly full bodied tannic wine. This is a great opportunity to offer different styles of red wine to let the guest choose what they like best. Offering a big bold ripe fruit filled California Cabernet, more acidic Rioja or an elegant lighter Bordeaux can add very interesting dimensions to many a dish.

Sweet wines should be matched with sweet dishes, always ensuring the wine is sweeter than the food or the wine will taste dull and characterless. Sweet wines are ideal with fruit tarts or creamy desserts. They are also ideal with blue cheeses and mature salty cheeses. Slightly sweet wines can often be a magical pairing with salty soy-based Asian foods.


What you need to start your wine pairing program

The process to choose wine pairings should be easy and clear so the guest can choose. Most guests do not want to be sold, they prefer a suggestion, so they can choose to buy and ‘trade-up’. The quality of the wine served must be perfect. They do not want to feel like you are pushing some leftover wine from yesterday. So, a professional wine & Champagne preservation system is imperative to control the quality on all your opened bottles. Equally important is a conspicuous service that is seen to care for your opened bottles.


Consider the following style of wines lists for your range:

  • Progressive Style – Light to medium to full bodied
  • Suggested wine on menu item – This will change as wine changes
  • Style of wine on menu item – This stays consistent with the dish
  • Special wine tasting list – 2oz pours, with three glasses for the price of 1 glass
  • A by-the-glass list showing 2oz taste price, glass price, and bottle price if there is room.



  • Choose a flexible selection that exhibits the attributes that complement your cuisine, such as Acidic, Tannic, Sweet, Semi Sweet, Fruity, Bubbly, Red, White, or Rose.
  • Remember to offer some choices that can ‘Mirror or Contrast’ with some of your dishes to make it really interesting, and let the guest decide.


Stemware or carafes

  • Stemware etched for 2oz for taste size.
  • Small 3oz carafes to offer taste sizes.


Staff Training

  • Let your staff taste the different styles of wine, so they can pick their own favorite, which gives them the confidence to make suggestions.
  • Your goal is for the staff to be comfortable sharing their favorite with a particular dish, not for them to discuss tasting notes. The enthusiastic suggestion should be enough for the guest to decide.
  • The key to the ‘Trade-up’ sale is to NOT push the ‘Trade-up’ but to enthusiastically suggest a unique offer (a special wine experience). The guest can then choose.
  • Train staff on the need to care for all opened bottles to keep them in prime condition.


If you’re offering pairings and, of course, tastings you clearly are very passionate about great wine service and the quality of the guest experience.  To guarantee this quality you do need a high-performance wine preservation in place for your staff to deliver on this quality promise. This ‘ trade-up’ offer will showcase to your guest your desire to deliver an enhanced dining experience with a choice of wines that match perfectly to the dish. You wouldn’t want to serve poor-quality wine ever! So, committing to a professional grade wine preservation system and process for your staff to follow is critical. This will make your new service something your staff can be proud of. Once they have the confidence that all wines are guaranteed fresh, they will present the wines-by-the-glass and tasting experience enthusiastically.

With over 40,000 customers using Le Verre de Vin systems to underpin their special wine-by-the-glass service, we are only too pleased to share the constant feedback we receive from our clients.  The Bermar range of Le Verre de Vin and Pod Bar wine and champagne preservation systems are proven to be the ideal tool in the hands of passionate wine service professionals to offer your guests that glass of wine or Champagne in guaranteed perfect condition for up to 21 days after opening the bottle.  Enhance your chef’s signature dishes by serving a glass or taste of wine that elevates the experience, and creates magical memorable moments in your restaurant. With 25% of guests looking to ‘trade-up’ there never has been a better time to invest in Le Verre de Vin to instill confidence in every glass of wine or champagne you serve.

Additional reference: http://www.decanter.com/?s=cordon+bleu

Le Verre de Vin sparkling wines

What’s Next in Wine Preservation and Wine Service for By-The-Glass?

2016 will be remembered as a year marked by higher expectations. Millennials seeking new tastes and more choice drove palate diversity, and savvy wine drinkers demanded better quality and value from their wine-by-the-glass services. As we settle firmly into 2017, the Bermar team takes a look at what greater demand, higher expectations, and increased exposure will mean for wine service and the wine preservation systems needed to deliver the best wine experience possible.


Le Verre de Vin brand

A Bold Brand for Bermar = Greater Customer Appeal

Faster and more precise, the new Le Verre de Vin collection features the lowest ever power consumption and cost of ownership for those expecting more elegance, precision, and appeal from their preservation systems.

“When we began work on the new range, we had to reconsider everything that defines world-class wine & Champagne preservation systems – power, precision control, sustainability, and reliability. We set our engineers the challenge of finding the perfect design for every element. The result is a complete revamp, the most elegant, exact, and contemporary range of preservation systems from the traditional Classic and Compact models to the contemporary Tower and Pod Bar ranges. The new Le Verre de Vin models are not only more aesthetically appealing but tick the boxes on speed and precision, yet with our lowest ever power consumption and cost of ownership,” explains Tom Berresford, Operations Director. Read MORE


Le Verre de Vin sparkling wines

Bubbling to the Top of the List = Sparkling Buyers Rise

Pop, Fizz, and Pour, perfectly served sparkling wines and champagnes exceed guests’ expectations and are essential to building customer loyalty.

The speed, efficiency, and simplicity of our sparkling wine and champagne preservation systems have been noted as the key to wine bar success and the hallmark of a great by-the-glass program. Our long-term customers, The Grove Wine Bar and Kitchen, are among some of the country’s multi-award winning restauranteurs and experts in their field (Yono’s, Elbow Room) and they testify to Le Verre de Vin efficiency and quality. This year, we continue to help them to meet demand and command the by-the-glass space with unparalleled service.

“Sparkling wines and champagne continue to grow in demand, particularly around the holidays and toward the summer months. Wine savvy, taste curious, and price aware guests will embrace the holiday festivities with an intention to enjoy quality sparkling wines especially by-the-glass. The temperature, taste, and freshness must be perfect and by definition, it simply cannot be substituted with a lackluster alternative. Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar is the professionals’ choice for a system that allows servers to reseal, repressurize and repour in one flow, effectively preserving the quality of the bottle and maintaining that fizz,” shared Richard Hewitt, CEO Bermar America.


Le Verre de Vin Trade Show

Show Stopping Stand at NRA = Innovation Drives Sales

Our industry leading wine-by-the-glass preservation system was a head turner at the NRA (National Restaurant Association) in 2016. This year, the event will once again mark an opportunity to stand and deliver! So, join us 20th May – 23rd May in Chicago at booth #3976 to experience Le Verre de Vin and see how our range can enhance wine programs and attract the optimal amount of profit from every glass poured.
Building momentum on the launch of our new product range was one of the key highlights of 2016. Greater exposure of our industry leading wine-by-the-glass preservation technology was a game changer and attending one of the most popular industry events gave us a unique platform to showcase our proven technology for precision and excellence.


NRA Bermar booth 3976

This year we intend to showcase our product range at the 2017 NRA trade show. This event represents the largest foodservice trade association in the world —supporting over 500,000 restaurant businesses. Our range of award-winning Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems, Pod Bar displays, dispense cabinets and our new Champagne only preservation systems present a unique opportunity to demonstrate the systems’ operations with a number of wines and Champagnes by the glass, all served in perfect condition, allowing for the ideal service experience.

Please visit us at Booth # 3976, we’ll have a glass ready for you!


Le Verre de Vin Trading Up wine by the glass

Trading Up Options = Double-Digit Profitability

Well-versed wine drinkers are not only opting for sparkling wine choices but are increasingly experimenting with higher-priced options. This signals an interest in greater choice, range, and quality as well as the customers’ willingness to try by-the-glass wines at premium prices as long as they are confident in the service.

Offering these sought after ‘Trade-up’ wines served with ‘Perfect Serve’ will increase sales and keep high-value guests coming back for more. According to a recent Wine Market Council survey, 20% of high-frequency diners are dining out more often, and 24% are spending more on wine when they do.

By-the-glass is by far the number one factor prompting a diner to order wine and spend on a ‘Trade-up’ experience according to the same Wine Market Council survey. However to win their business you must remove the number one barrier that makes diners hesitate……the fear of being served a tired, stale or fully oxidized glass of wine.

Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar systems are the only products in the world that can precisely preserve both still wine and Champagne.  The systems allow our customers to reseal an infinite number of open wine and Champagne bottles and to serve the last pour as fresh as the first, up to 21 days after first opening. In the USA, we know operators with a Le Verre de Vin system or Pod bar in place see an average increase of 13% in the volume of wines they sell by the glass compared to operators without a Le Verre de Vin or Pod bar in place.  More profitable ‘Trade-up’ sales increase and waste is eliminated. The Wine Market Council suggests that double-digit growth is expected for this market and will continue well into 2017.


Your guests are ready for premium wine service, are you?

There has never been a better time to broaden your sparkling wine and Champagne menu, add more premium options to your menu, and ensure you have Le Verre de Vin as a component of your by-the-glass program.  A quality wine-by-the-glass program will attract the high-value guests you want and keep them coming back for more, thereby boosting those critically important guest retention and return rates. Ensure you raise the bar and redefine the benchmark for quality in your wine-by-the-glass service this year.



wine by-the-glass success

A Word from the Experts: Wine by-the-Glass Success in 2017

Last year, our partners at Isante – the online magazine for restaurant professionals –  put the spotlight on multi-award winning restaurant owners at the Yono and the Elbow Room. Their owners and experts shared their insights on their own success with Le Verre de Vin preservation systems.  Here we capture their most salient points in our top tips for building a credible by-the-glass program.

Why do we need the #PerfectServe?

Today’s wine-savvy guests are looking for enticement by restaurants who can add value and deliver a luxury experience. They expect a strong by-the-glass program worthy of not just their money, but also their trust. In short, they can no longer be expected to drink anything less than the very best. So, what tips for success can the experts offer?

TIP#1 – Offer a flawless by-the-glass program with a full range of options…

Wine is one of the few affordable luxuries, which is why it is so important to draw in guests with a list that offers several wines at different price points. A top-tier wine preservation system will allow you to serve an array of wines including sparkling selections that would not otherwise be sensible by-the-glass options. Wine savvy guests, who are confident their wine is being served at its peak freshness, return satisfied and get bolder in their tastes. It’s a win-win—as you have the ability to sell more expensive wines at higher profits per pour, you will entice your guests to return frequently to try that luxury experience in the safe environment you’ve created.

TIP#2 – Be ready to seize opportunities for growth with a dynamic variety of specials

Elevating your wine-by-the-glass selection with aspirational wines at value prices not only entices guests to try more options, it will save you money, reduce waste, and create new opportunities for sales and better purchasing. For instance, a reliable preservation system removes restrictions and helps build relationships with vendors who are only too pleased to work with operators serving their wine as their winemaker intended. This allows restaurateurs to take advantage of sales and special offers on wines they wouldn’t normally have access to for a by-the-glass program. One of those deals just might become a new customer favorite. The prospect of being able to try something special keeps loyal guests coming back for more, spurring sustained growth and earning higher profits with the added bonus of little to no waste.

TIP#3 – Inspire, know the trends, and respond to demand

Wine preservation is an essential component of service, not just for what it brings, but also for what it eliminates in terms of extra hassle and worry. The Le Verre de Vin systems allow your servers to know the wine they are trying tastes just as the maker intended, regardless of when the bottle was opened. It also protects the credibility of your staff who get to share their own ideas and tastes. Knowledgeable servers make the best recommendations of wine for your customers. They exemplify a culture of excitement, genuine trust, and shared experiences. Today, more than ever, it is important that your staff build their knowledge by sampling your extensive wine list for themselves. A preservation system that preserves and reseals still & sparkling wine in one easy step can act as that much-needed foundation from which restaurants can inspire their staff, evolve and set their own trends, and successfully respond to a diversity of palettes. 

How will you deliver the #PerfectServe?

Premium service is now the expected standard.  Today’s guests expect and respond to #Perfect Serve – Show, Taste, Pour & Enjoy. At Bermar our goal is to help hospitality professionals who know their guests have evolved their tastes and interests. How restaurateurs respond should be nothing short of excellent in order to leave those customers satisfied, while also controlling costs. A quality wine preservation system and process is a critical step towards a successful by-the-glass program, delivering an outstanding customer experience with a premium service and helping you boost sales and profits. The investment is reasonable and the returns are exceptional. Just ask and we’ll be pleased to share how easy it is to implement a Le Verre de Vin with #PerfectServe. Click HERE to learn more.


Thank you to Dominick Purnomo, Yono’s, New York and Michael Shirinian Elbow Room, California for their insights. Extracts of these tips have been edited from Insante. To read the full blog series please click HERE.

How Important is a Fresh Wine-by-the-Glass Program?

Serving wine as the winemaker intended isn’t just our mission. At Bermar, we believe a fresh, perfectly preserved wine is the most compelling driver behind a flawless by-the-glass program. Your wine (and Champagne) by-the-glass program should build customer loyalty, earn you the reputation for exceptional guest experiences, and result in revenue success.  So, this week we pose a simple yet interesting question: Just how important is a fresh glass of wine?

Along with the wrong serving temperature, the serving of oxidized, tired, stale and flat wine is the most common consumer complaint when it comes to restaurant wine service.

The Wine Market Council do yearly studies in On-Premise wine consumption, exploring what they call “Barriers to Consumption.” The biggest barrier reported is lack of confidence in the quality of the wine-by-the-glass left in the opened bottles. The second biggest barrier is inflated prices for by-the-glass offers. With growth in premium wine-by-the-glass sales being so critical to profitable growth for restaurants in 2017, removing these barriers must be an important priority.

So, let’s look at the case for removing these barriers and uncorking new profits. With a Le Verre de Vin system and #PerfectServe wine-by-the-glass practices, it’s easier than you think.

Is your wine-by-the-glass served fresh?

“How long has the bottle been open?” is usually the first question of a wine enthusiast. Wine drinkers rarely complain in a hospitality setting—they merely note the poor-quality wine service and cautiously reconsider your restaurant on their next occasion out or when recommending your establishment.

Once you crunch the numbers, the return on investment to elevate by-the-glass service standards with Le Verre de Vin technology is so compelling, it can’t be ignored. The average restaurant has over 20 wines-by-the-glass open at any time. At the end of the night, that is approximately 50 glasses of opened wine left oxidizing—at least $245 to $370 worth of perishable wine left uncontrolled—with 10 to 20 glasses going to waste.

Worse, instead of being poured down the drain, these 20 to 50 glasses are often served to a guest 12, 24 or even 48 hours later.  This results in the kind of poor guest experience that will probably drive your guests out the door, unlikely to return.  The impact of serving mediocre by-the-glass wines has proven to be dramatic on both guest retention and return rates. Controlling the quality of your opened bottles will elevate the by-the-glass guest experience and win that all important loyalty that keeps your guests coming back for more.

Is your Champagne-by-the-glass served fresh?

Most restaurants limit their sparkling wine and Champagne-by-the-glass offerings to avoid the obvious lack of freshness from pouring a day old sparkling wine. They default to smaller format Splits, resulting in mediocre sales at reduced profits. The increased demand for sparkling wine has driven thousands of restaurants to look for solutions to this problem. Bermar America solves this issue and more. Restaurants using Le Verre de Vin technology to preserve their opened bottles of Champagne and sparkling wines see fantastic growth in highly profitable sales, proving how important that ‘pop of freshness’ is to today’s guest. More on this subject of developing Champagne and sparkling wine sales by-the-glass is to come in an upcoming article.

Why are the by-the-glass prices so high for well known brands?

Why are the by-the-glass prices so high?  is often the second question from a wine enthusiast. Today’s wine drinkers are highly informed—they have apps that immediately tell them wine ratings and retail pricing. They expect a restaurant to make a fair margin, but the days of 3 or 4 times markup are over if you want to attract regular wine connoisseurs. One of the reasons restaurants have marked wine-by-the-glass up so much is to cover expensive waste. So, with that problem solved by Le Verre de Vin, you have the luxury of value pricing your wine-by-the-glass selection, thus increasing perceived value and stimulating sales. If you add value with an enticing selection of wines served temperature controlled, guaranteed fresh, in the appropriate stemware, and served with a touch of craft, you will hit the home run every time. #PerfectServe will pay huge dividends.

So the answer to the question “Is your wine-by-the-glass served fresh”  could literally lead to you removing the bottle neck in your wine program. A fresh, perfectly preserved wine is a crucial element of a profitable by-the-glass program, which will deliver an outstanding customer experience guaranteed, and help you to seize significant cost controls and increases of sales. You will also elevate your restaurant’s appeal to an increasingly important segment of guests who will keep coming back for more. Le Verre de Vin technology will provide the solution.

To speak to one of our sales team to discuss how easy it is to implement a Le Verre de Vin into your restaurant please give us a call on +610-889-4900 for more information. You can also take a look at our product brochure by clicking on the Brochures link under the About Us tab at the top of the page.