An exceptional wine by-the-glass service delights guests, boosts sales and uses world-leading technology for the preservation of wine and Champagnes. Looking to elevate your wine service? The video clip below provides a brief introduction to Le Verre de Vin collection. Additional FAQs can be found below:

Why do you need wine preservation equipment?

Today’s consumer expects you to offer an enticing selection of wines at various price points, served fresh from the bottle and in the same condition as the moment the cork was first pulled from the bottle. Effective wine preservation equipment will allow you to offer a flexible range of still wine and champagne by the glass with no risk of serving a ‘bad’ glass of wine and without incurring wastage. By meeting your customers’ needs, sales will increase significantly in this highly profitable sector.

What is Wine Preservation?

Effective wine preservation is an exact science. Extensive research over the last 17 years has proved that in order to successfully preserve and protect the aroma, taste and appearance of a diverse range of types, styles and ages of wine, it is essential that your chosen method of preservation will achieve optimum preservation every time it is used. The tolerance for achieving optimum preservation is as tight as +/- 1 degree.

What should you look for when choosing preservation equipment?

The issue of wine preservation is central to the long-term success of your wine by the glass service and reputation. The key considerations are to have an easy to use, flexible and reliable system that supports your service, not a bulky labor intensive piece of equipment that slows your service down. Unlike bulking wine dispensers or domestic devices like the Coravin, Le Verre de Vin is ideal to support wine & Champagne by the glass service by easily and quickly re-sealing open bottles.

When buying a wine preservation system it is imperative that you also consider the Cost of ownership ( cost per pour) as well as the original purchase price. Calculating the numbers to buy, run and maintain is critical to making a good decision.

What is Le Verre de Vin technology?

Le Verre de Vin technology is the only commercial-grade still wine and Champagne preservation solution ever developed, capable of effectively preserving an unlimited number of still, sparkling and fortified wines. The patented wine preservation technology has a few unique attributes that make it so effective and easy to use. These include, highly accurate vacuum re-sealing, utilizing our ‘ Wine Safe’ technology , combined with our precision pressurization of sparkling wine bottles. The technology is easy to use, very reliable and will give years of trouble free service.

How many wines can be offered with one system?

There is no limit to the number of wines you can preserve with one system. Each Dual (still wine and Champagne) system is supplied with 20 still wine stoppers and 3 Champagne stoppers (40 still wine stoppers and 6 Champagne stoppers for the BC406 Quad-Pod Bar). All you need is extra stoppers and you can serve as many wines as you like. We have many customers who are serving over 100 wines-by-the-glass with one system.

How long will Le Verre de Vin technology keep wines in good condition?

So long as bottles are preserved each time a glass of wine is poured, the shelf life of the wine remaining in a bottle is increased from a matter of hours, to 21 days. Obviously, if bottles are left open and unpreserved, the life of the remaining wine diminishes (especially with Champagne/sparkling wines and finer, bottle aged still wines). We recommend that you train your servers to make sure the more valuable ‘Trade-up’ pours are re-sealed immediately , Serve & Preserve, and the fast moving core list can be re-sealed at a lull in service. This will guarantee that every glass is served in peak condition and oxidation will be controlled, thereby eliminating waste.

When should bottles be resealed?

Ideally each bottle should be preserved as part of the ‘working practice’ of dispensing a glass of wine. If this is impractical, ensure Champagnes and premium wines are preserved straight away, and have someone responsible for checking that all wines (even faster movers) have been resealed at the end of each service.

How long does it take to use Le Verre de Vin?

The system will take between 2 and 5 seconds to preserve a 75cl. bottle (dependent upon the amount of wine remaining in the bottle). Just under a second per glass, making it so quick that a server can proudly be seen to re-seal after service, thereby exhibiting your restaurants quality commitment.

Can I get a Le Verre de Vin to preserve still wines only ?

Yes all three styles come in still wine only models.

What is the cost to use a Le Verre de Vin ?

The cost is extremely low as the only consumable is the few stoppers that you will lose and the small amount of CO2 that the Champagne side of the preservation system will use.

A still wine only system will only use a small amount of electricity 40 watts, and a few replacement stoppers totallying $ 100 to $ 150 per year.

A Dual Le Verre de Vin will use a small amount of CO2 with each re-sealing of Chamapgne bottles, and expect a nominal amount, resulting $ 40 to $ 60 per year.

How do Le Verre de Vin systems differ from wine dispensers like Enomatic, Winekeeper etc.

The big difference is our system does not dispense through taps and tubes. Le Verre de Vin re-seals the open bottles so you can pour / dispense your wine fresh from the bottle. Le Verre de Vin has many key advantages , as the issues associated with dispensers, expensive maintenance, cleaning and pour off are not present when using a Le Verre de Vin. The other key benefit is the flexibility and speed of service when using a Le Verre de Vin as opposed to fixed bottle dispense systems that have not flexibility and require time consuming bottle changes in the middle of service. We will be pleased to provide a detailed Return on investment and benefits analysis upon request. Please email us at info@bermaramerica.com


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