Designed for either discrete under bar installations, or surface mounting on the edge of the back bar or shelf. The New compact design makes it ideal to locate where your wines are served, to make the speedy re-seal of your open bottles as quick as possible. A small high performance system, that makes it easy to deliver the highest standard of quality w-b-g in almost any Bar location. Also ideal to retrofit into existing bars.

The new Compact LVDV wine preservation system enhances the legendary design and build quality with easy to see illuminated nozzles, which guide the operator through the preservation process for both still wine and Champagne.  This one-piece unit can incorporate the LVDV Wine Safe preservation technology for both still and sparkling wines in one easy to install package. The Compact design saves valuable bar space, and enables installation in the optimal location to make the re-sealing at your wine serving station as easy as possible.

  • Legendary high performance preservation for both still & sparkling wines
  • Durable one piece design , proven reliability and low cost of ownership
  • Precision controlled cut-off to guarantee optimal preservation of both still & sparkling wines
  • Preserves an unlimited number of wines with one system, all you need is extra re-usable stoppers.
  • High visibility multi light resealing nozzles. 7 color options
  • Compact design makes it easy to retrofit to an existing bar, so elevating wine-by-the-glass service is possible at any location.


Two nozzle wine preserver systems incorporating both still & sparkling wine preservation technology in one Compact unit.

Champagne & Sparkling

Champagne/Sparkling preservation only. These one nozzle Champagne preserver systems will precisely re-pressure open bottles of sparkling wines to the critically controlled level needed to lock in the natural fizz in the wine.

Still Wine

Precision vacuum resealing process removes controlled levels of  oxygen, resulting in the ideal atmosphere in the open bottle to keep that wine fresh and ready to be enjoyed one glass at a time. This precision reseal is critical to let the delicate wine volatiles evolve while arresting the oxidation process

Learn more about the preservation process

Le Verre de Vin

With over 40,000 customers Le Verre de Vin wine preservers has proven to deliver the best guest experience at the lowest cost.  If you are selling premium wine-by-the-glass. Le Verre de Vin’s technology will deliver the premium service to support your offer.

  • Guarantee the quality of all opened bottles
  • Sell up & sell more
  • Eliminates expensive waste

Choose from one of our 3 styles of stand alone, or our High Impact  Wine Display Pod Bars.

Tech Specs

Electrical Specification

  • Power Supply: 24V DC.
  • Power Consumption**: 45W (max)
  • Fusing: built in trip switch with push button re-set

Le Verre de Vin systems are CE approved in Europe and ETL approved in the USA & Canada.

**These consumption figures are based on ‘peak consumption’, when the vacuum (still wine preservation) side of the system is in use. The power consumption of an idle system and use during the Champagne resealing process is negligible.


  • Resealing time: 2-5 seconds – optimum preservation level is reached every time
  • Capacity: any number of opened bottles but no more than 15 re-seals in any 5 minute period

Materials & Finish

The Le Verre de Vin Compact systems are manufactured in mild stainless steel with a black finish.

The Correct Siting

To enable bottles to be presented for re-sealing allow at least 400mm (16”) from the underside of the system to the bar/work surface and do not enclose or shroud the system. Each system is pre-set to operate at an altitude of 0-500m (1650’) above sea level; for locations above this altitude refer to your distributor.

Optionally Available

  • Stainless Steel Housing (BC00/7)
  • Counter-top mounting plate (BC00/13)



Le Verre de Vin at French Creek Club House,PA

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Le Verre de Vin sets the Wow factor at DC Steak House

DC Steak House

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Red Rabbit

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Foxboro Sports Tavern

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Di Gusto

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Bliss Restaurant

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Le Verre de Vin Classic

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