Whether you’re looking to boost profits in your restaurant, club or hotel, win new accounts or enjoy great wine at home, Le Verre de Vin is the ultimate wine by the glass solution that will help you deliver #PerfectServe every time.

Le Verre de Vin technology was developed to solve the problems caused by open wine bottles oxidizing, and open sparkling wine bottles going flat and lifeless. Le Verre de Vin wine and Champagne preservation systems unlocks the opportunity to offer premium still wines , sparkling wines and Champagnes by-the-glass or by-the-taste wherever wine is served.

Le Verre de Vin wine preserver systems are ideal for all On-Premise applications like restaurants, clubs & Hotels.

Le Verre de Vin systems are also ideal for winery tasting rooms and wine retailers to offer wine-by-the-taste, guaranteeing the quality of the experience for the guest and making sure the wine is served as the winemaker intended.

Le Verre de Vin technology is the only commercial-grade still wine and Champagne preservation solution ever developed, capable of effectively preserving an unlimited number of still, sparkling and fortified wines. The systems unique high performance preservation technology makes it ideal to dispense wine fresh from the bottle.

The most current and popular wine dispensing method is being called #PerfectServe by wine service professionals dedicated to serving wine as the winemaker intended.

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