Country CLUBS,City ClubS, Yacht Clubs and Beach Clubs all serving premium Wine-by-the-glass 

General managers and key decision makers from the most prestigious clubs in the country turn to Le Verre de Vin for leading wine & Champagne preservation systems for the effective and professional operation of their club wine-by-the-glass programs.

The demand by club members to ‘Trade-up’ to a better glass of wine, served fresh and at the right serving temperature is so strong that Club Managers are elevating their service at record levels.


  • To add value and create a memorable wine experience for all segments of members at a value price
  • To meet growing member demand for a range of quality wines served by the glass in a quality manner; freshly hand poured from the bottle at the corrrect serving temperature.
  • To guarantee that every glass served is in perfect drinking condition
  • To eliminate expensive wastage
  • Optimal Revenue generation –  to profitably introduce premium brands including Champagne by the glass without the risk of expensive wastage
  • Easy to use, low maintenance and economical to operate and above all highly effective
  • Modest Capital investment and Low Cost of operation delivers a fast Return on Investment
  • Superior levels of service to reward loyal members and attract new members


Le Verre de Vin and the Pod range are very popular in all sectors Clubs, County Clubs, City Clubs, Yacht Clubs and Sporting Clubs, ranging from the most prestigious Golf properties such as St Andrews to Yacht and Beach Clubs throughout the world. Below are a few sample installations.

Duquesne Club, Pittsburgh, PA

Twin Pod Bar installations

The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews, Scotland, UK

Stunning Quad Pod Installation At The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews, Scotland – The Home Of Golf & Now The Home Of A Fabulous ‘By The Glass’ Programme!

French Creek Golf Club, Elverson, PA

Thad Fortin and Nick Gerov recently installed their Twin Pod Bar to elevate their wine-by-the-glass service to meet and exceed the demands of their wine savvy membership. This spectacular Hanse Design Golf Course has an equally impressive and thriving culinary program.  They plan on increasing the number of ‘Trade-up’ selections and offering an enticing sparkling wine and Champagne selection.

A year later this is what Nick Gerov had to say about his experience with his Pod Bar:

“We’ve had a great experience working with Le Verre de Vin in the past year. I’ve had nothing but compliments from our members and guests. It is easy to operate, the staff love to work with it, we didn’t have any waste and, because of that, we were able to provide our members with higher-end wines by the glass. But all of those things are not news for you [the Bermar team]. Thank you, for a great product.”

Nick Gerov, Club Manager, French Creek Golf Club, PA. January, 2018

Bay Head Yacht Club, Bay Head, NJ

Holly Bilotti and her team at Bay Head Yacht Club recently installed their Twin Pod Bar to eliminate expensive waste, but to most importantly offer that special wine-by-the-glass experience to an increasingly large segment of their membership who are looking for a premium experience.

The Beach Club, Santa Monica CA

Here you see Gregg Patterson proudly showing off their new elevated wine-by-the-glass service. Gregg is renowned with Club Managers and the Wine industry for his infectious enthusiasm for great wine service. He was one of the first to teach the power of a great wine-by-the-glass service bringing all sectors of the club together. He present wine as the ultimate social beverage, as even non-wine drinkers like to participate wine events.

The Le Verre de Vin and Pod Bar has been a great addition to their already innovative service. After having used various gas tap wine dispensers in the past they upgraded to the latest wine preservation technology and have the following to report:

Our Bermar Quad Pod Bar works great – it allows us to increase the number of we’re offering by-the-glass from 12 to 32, with prices ranging from $5 to $ 55. The Le Verre de Vin preservation system has given us the confidence to develop our $ 20 and above wines-by-the-glass selection, which is a new market for us. We’ve found the $ 20 – $ 30 per glass to be a sweet spot for our members, many of whom are hesitant to buy an untested $90 to $ 150 bottle, but are pleased to ‘ give it a try’ by buying a $ 25 or even $ 55 glass of high end wine “.

Gregg Patterson, The Beach Club, Santa Monica, CA . February 2014