The increasing popularity of try before you buy concepts is testament to the inquisitive nature of today’s wine consumer.

There is no question that when customers are able to sample wines, particularly those higher up the quality (and price) scale they are more likely to purchase a bottle that if they were buying the wine ‘blind’.

Whether a wine is offered to taste in a Winery Tasting Room or in a retail Wine Store, the key to success is to ensure that each wine is tasted at perfect temperature and in prime drinking condition. Without means to effectively reseal opened bottles, offering a true tasting experience is simply not possible… without incurring costly wastage.

Unlike any other commercial wine preservation systems like wine dispensers, Le Verre de Vin solutions allow wines to be poured fresh from the original bottles… a true ‘full serve’ offer. This also allows the customer to engage with the bottle, read the label and get a genuine tasting experience or what is being called #PerfectServe.

Le Verre de Vin has also earned a reputation to be the best champagne preservation system designed specifically to re-seal opened bottles of Champagnes and sparkling wines. It is used by most of the major Champagne marques to help promote their Champagnes by-the-glass and by-the-taste.

Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems are ideal to offer a special wine-by-the-taste experience in Tasting rooms, Wine Stores and speciality stores.  It is easy to use, low maintenance and economical to operate and above all highly effective. An ideal wine accessory for any winery or wine retailer.