Boutique winery tasting rooms boldly showcase their Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems as the key to their successful wine-by-the-glass service. Rapid and effective preservation consistently delivers wine to the same expected quality every time a bottle is reopened. The ability to offer wine as the maker intended make it ideal for winery tasting rooms and vineyards, who offer a wine-by-the-glass or wine-by-the-taste programme.

One such example is the Bowers Harbor Vineyard. This thriving winery tasting room offers their guests a range of 25 different wines including an award-winning selection and their own signature blend.  How has Le Verre de Vin quadrupled their sales?

  • Simple and efficient wine preservation, increases speed and hospitality
  • Enabled the vineyard to meet the growing demand for sparkling wines, thus increasing sales
  • Enables the vineyard to manage high traffic and tourism peak seasons with ease
  • Much more consistent at preserving wines than hand pumps which strip-away the aromas and flavors vineyards work so hard to grow
  • Offers the #PerfectServe with every pour
  • Eliminates wastage

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