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We’re fortunate to work with 10,000’s of the leading Wine Service Professionals throughout the world. Here are a few customer reviews and inspiring words from leading Hospitality professionals who are clearly passionate about excellent wine-by-the-glass service.

See how they’re using Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems & Champagne preservation systems to elevate their guest experience , boost sales and increase profits.

Congratulations to our VIP customer Walla Walla Steak Company For Winning The Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top 100 Wine Restaurants of 2019 Award!

Congratulations to Walla Walla!

“We are fans of getting library wines and pouring them by the glass. Anybody can get a current vintage by the glass. By offering library wines our guests remember a special wine rather than that glass which they may not remember. It’s more of an experience. Also, we can open any bottle on our list for a glass pour. We use Le Verre de Vin System to preserve wine. When someone asks about Krug by the glass, I can say ‘My pleasure, it’s your world!’ ”
Sommelier of Walla Walla Steak Company
“The Le Verre de Vin has allowed me to offer even more high end, premium wines by the glass and I no longer shudder at the thought of wine being oxidized. In the two years we have owned and used the Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system we have saved over $10,000 in wine inventory. My bar manager has hit his monthly wine cost bonus every month and has never been happier!” – Anthony Wheeler, November 28th 2018
Anthony Wheeler
General Manager of The Melting Pot in Littleton CO
Le Verre de Vin at French Creek Club House,PA

French Creek Golf Club

Customer Service, Wastage, Wine Range

Paradiso Ristorante

Wine Quality
Le Verre de Vin sets the Wow factor at DC Steak House

DC Steak House

Customer Service, Wine Range

Red Rabbit

Customer Service, Profitability, Wine

Foxboro Sports Tavern

Customer Service, Wine

Di Gusto

Profitability, Wine Quality, Wine Range

Bliss Restaurant

Wastage, Wine Quality
wine tasting

Bowers Harbor Vineyards

Profitability, Wine tasting

The Elbow Room



Wine Quality, Wine Range

InterContinental Hotels Group

Customer Service, Wine Quality, Wine Range

Boulevard Steakhouse

Customer Service, Wine Quality

Mondo’s Italian

Customer Service, Profitability, Wine Quality, Wine Range

The Beach Club

Wine Quality, Wine Range

White Dog Cafe

Customer Service, Profitability, Reliability, Wastage, Wine Quality, Wine Range

Ramada Hotels

Customer Service

University Club San Diego

Profitability, Wine Range

Wynn Macau

Customer Service, Wastage, Wine Quality

Le Gavroche

Wastage, Wine Quality